by | Jul 13, 2019

Young Lane
Episodes 1 & 2

A precocious middle schooler who is a whiz at math. His dream is to get a job on Wall Street and use his “skills to determine probable outcomes of derivatives and cash in.” Played by Fin McCahill, who has his own Broadway and Hollywood dreams. Learn more about Fin at


Episodes 3-6

Now a Quant Trader on Wall Street, Lane pursues his steely boss, a seductive co-worker, a green (anti-money) crusader, and an unabashed husband hunter. Jonathan Helwig is Lane, in his 20s and 30s. Follow on Instagram at jonathan_helwig.

Older Lane
Episodes 7 & 8

World-weary, Wall Street-weary, women-weary. These sum up Older Lane’s state of mind. He’s still in High Finance, but spending his downtime at poetry open mics and experimental theater one-woman shows, where he hopes to meet The One. Played by JD Dan Herbert. View Dan’s profile at

Stella, The Girl Next Door
Episode 1

Stella and Young Lane are BFFs. Or is there between them something more? Performed by Sarah Kathryn Makl, who plays basketball not only in Episode 1 of “The Elite 8,” but in Season 3 of “Divorce” on HBO. Learn more about Sarah Kathryn at

Brainiac Haley
Episode 2

Like Young Lane, Haley is a math prodigy. Unlike Young Lane, she is emotionally evolved beyond 15 years. Played by Jennifer Brummett, who is also an accomplished dancer. Jennifer has collaborated with companies such as Alvin Ailey and Matthew Bourne. Contact

Crusader Cerise
Episode 3

Cerise is the anti-elitist member of “The Elite 8”. Why is Lane attracted to this firebrand, his polar opposite? Played by model/actress Maggie Tehan. Follow on Instagram at maggietehan.

Morgan, The Boss
Episode 4

Meghan Wright
plays Morgan Wright, the Wall Street hiring manager who “eats MBAs for breakfast.” Morgan is an Investment Banking It Girl. The real life Ms. Wright is a theater student at Carnegie Mellon University. Learn more about Meghan on Instagram at

Gia, The Seductress
Episode 5

“I can make your Morgan problem go away,” Gia tells Lane in Episode 5-Lover’s Lane. Thus begins the Morgan-Lane-Gia triangle. Anna Rieper plays Gia. Contact

Anabeth, The Husband Hunter
Episode 6

She’s “mobilized to marry.” Lane, not so much. Antonia Infante plays Anabeth. Antonia is a New York City actress, studying at Stella Adler School of Acting. View Antonia’s profile at Backstage.

Waif/Poetess Bliss
Episode 7

“You’re not the first suit to grace a Boho bar in Soho and you won’t be the last.” Her fragility is a man-magnet. It’s also an art. We dedicate Episode 7 to the memory of actress Jennifer Stokes.

Free Spirit Juliette
Episode 8

A “triple hyphenate actress-director-writer.” Older Lane meets Juliette in a desolate black box theater. She’s French. She’s independent. Is she The One? Played by Autumn Breaud. Contact